Power Sunday

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Here are some things I want to highlight from the week – People and organisations that fight for human and animal rights.

1. The protest PETA did during London Fashion Week and brought attention to the brutal industry where animals are being tortured for their exotic skin. Sascha Camilli write more about this on Vilda Magazine – "How activism took over fashion week". Read the article HERE.

2. This video that Kvinnojouren Ellinor (a Swedish organisation that supports women going through domestic violence) put up on their Facebook.

//  Här kommer några saker som jag vill uppmärksamma från veckan – Människor och organisationer som kämpar för människor och djurs rättigheter.

1. Protesten PETA gjorde på London Fashion Week och uppmärksammade den brutala industrin där djur torteras för sitt exotiska skin. Sascha Camilli skrev mer om detta på Vilda Magazine – "Hur aktivism tog över modeveckan". Läs artikeln HÄR

2. Den här videon som Kvinnojouren Ellinor publicerade på sin Facebook

4. The account @happinessinmymouth put out this picture on instagram together with the text down below text:

//  4. Kontot @happinessinmymouth lade ut den här bilden på instagram tillsammans med texten nedanför:
"SO FREAKING TRUE!! And honestly WHAT THE HECK! If you see anywhere where you can "loose 4kgs in a week" run. Run for the hills. There is no healthy way of loosing that amount of weight in such a short period of time. You will A) Gain it later much faster, and gain more weight because your body is so deprived of nutrients that you will eat much more to make up for that. B) You could get caught in a negative spiral of self hate and starvation. C) Become used to diets. And diet as a norm for the rest of your adult and teenage life.

Honestly none sound healthy. Diet culture profits from you hating your body, and looking for ways to change it. They have everything; from cellulite and stretch mark creams, diets teas, diet coffee, diet shakes to nose jobs, liposuction, and more invasive procedures to change your insecurities. Don't listen to anything that has "loose weight fast" or "new amazing diet" on it.
Omit page 15 on the magazine, and listen to page 14 (accept yourself as you are) and page 16 (best cake recipe). Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are and understand that everyBODY is different, and that you will never have the same body as somebody else. And viceversa. All bodies work differently, and all bodies look differently. Instead of putting your energy on a new diet; put it in learning how to love yourself. It starts with lil things; appreciation on the mirror, acceptance when doing something wrong, baking the cake and eating it because you want to, eating healthy because your body needs it, forgiving yourself, etc.
GO AND EAT THAT CAKE BABE❤❤❤ Not because you are so freaking hungry you can't think, so you eat it and feel guilty later. All because you deprived yourself. But because you want to, because it is good for your mental health and your happy tummy.❤❤"

5. Prabal Gurung's aw17 collection where he sent the models on the runway with political statement t-shirts.

I love these kind of posts of other blogs. It makes me think and reflect. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

//  5. Prabal Gurung's aw17 kollektion där han skickade ut modellerna på catwalken i t-shirts med politiska budskap.

Jag älskar den här typen av inlägg på andra bloggar. Det får mig att tänka och reflektera. Hoppas du har en riktigt fin söndag! 

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