Body Image: Is it okay to call someone skinny?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lately people have told me I’ve gotten skinny. Some comments have been said with positivity, but most of them have had a negative tone, put in rude ways and some have even comment and said they think I’m too skinny. What frustrates me about this is that saying something to a person who’s bigger and comment on their body, that’s not okay. For some reason though, people assume it’s okay to comment on someone’s body if they’re skinny. 

I’m well aware that I’ve lost some weight. It’s partly because I workout a lot and partly because I’m eating mostly plant based foods. I wasn’t used to eating as much as I needed in the beginning, so I ate too little. Not because I restricted myself, but because I was full and my body wasn’t used to eating more than I did. After a while though I started to notice that my appetite increased and that I needed a lot more food to keep my energy level up. Today I eat way more and I know I could eat even a tiny bit more sometimes since I workout the way I do. That’s something I’m working on though since I have a hard time eating just because I need to and not because I’m necessarily hungry.

Most importantly I feel good and healthy. Still though, rude comments about me being too skinny… It hurts. I try to push it away and not care about it, but it’s hard to do that sometimes. It makes me look at my body and wish I had more butt and more boobs. Sure, I could gain some weight and build more muscles to create a bit more curves. Thing is though, that I will NEVER be a girl with big curves! I’m not built like that. Most of the women on my mom’s side are small, flat and not curvy at all.

That’s why it frustrates me when people think it’s okay to comment on a skinny persons body. That person might be built like that or some might be struggling to gain weight even though they want to. That person might be very offended and sad when getting comments like "You should eat a burger" or "That's not much of a butt you've got there"

Of course you should talk to someone you’re close to if you’re worried that they’ve got an eating disorder. Still, that’s something you have to be very cautious about when bringing up. You can’t just comment and tell that person they’re too skinny, you have to take a conversation like that at the right time and take time to listen to that person.

What I want to say is – Stop think you have the right to put rude comments about other peoples bodies! It doesn’t matter if someone is skinny, fat, long or short. Just stop! If you have something positive to say you should absolutely share it, but if it’s something negative about someone else it’s not necessary to speak your mind about it. Focus on yourself and spread positive energy instead. 


  1. It's always annoying dealing with people who comment on your weight or other looks-related stuff, no matter if your fat, skinny or whatever. People should be more sensitive to that.

    1. Definitely! Our society just needs to accept that everyone looks different. Unfortunately I think we have a long way to go till we get there, but we will get there! xx

  2. I definitely deal with this a lot! It is so hard to balance whether I'm too thin or thick and I'm just starting to give up on it all! Everyone's got a different shape and mine fluctuates so much, but I just have to let myself be me and be happy!
    Love this article!! xx
    Jordan x

    1. Society put so much pressure on how we (women especially) should look. We just need to stop comment on each others bodies and accept everyone for who they are.
      Thank you so much Jordan!! xx


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