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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Here's 10 favourites of mine from the week. Some documentaries and articles, a bit about London Fashion Week, some vegan food (of course) and also paying attention to mental illness. 

- Coop's (a Swedish grocery store) new commercial talking about how meat is destroying our planet. Take a look at it here.

- This article by Daniel Björk writing about London Fashion Week and the changes in the fashion industry. 

- The documentary "MissRepresentation" on Netflix. Great documentary about how women are being represented in media and how it affects our society. 

- The fact that the Swedish food brand Felix will start sell three different types of hummus! Read more here.

- The new collection Changes from HOPE with loads of amazing unisex pieces. 

- This article by Susie Lau writing about be different in your style and why you shouldn´t care. I especially love this sentence – "It.s difficult to explain to people that a world that can seem so alienating and judgemental to some, the fashion world, is the place that I´ve found myself to be the most comfortable in".

- The documentary "Fat, sick and nearly dead" on Netflix. It's about a Australian guy who goes on a juice detox on plant-based foods only and the benefits he gets from it. 

- This blog about mental illness that my cousin have started to share. I've always looked up to her and think she's so brave to talk about this issue, because it's more common than people think. 

- This Instagram account. It's by the sisters Johanna and Ida who shares loads of pictures of delicious vegan food. I always get hungry when their pictures pop up. 

- Åhléns have started to put eco labels on their clothes and interior so it'll be easier for people to make aware purchases. I got my knitted top in organic cotton (the one I'm wearing in the picture) from them.

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