The Ordinary Vegan Tries Out – #10

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I've heard about the makeup brushes from Real Techniques for a long time and how amazing they are. When finding out they are vegan as well, of course I had to try them out. I found the Core Collection on Boots for half price and got them for incredible £10.25! 

In the Core Collection you'll get four brushes for complete coverage. One buffing powder brush, one pointed foundation brush, one contour brush and one small detailer brush (read more about them all on their website). 

The brushes are so soft and feels great on the skin. They are easy to apply makeup with and you really get complete coverage. The only thing I would change is the buffing brush, I think it could be slightly bigger, but it works and I still like it. 

I'm going to try to clean these brushes a lot more often now though. I'm terrible at cleaning my brushes! You're suppose to do it ones a week I've heard?

I would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone! Even if you don't get them for half price like I did, buy them anyway, it's worth it! I will give these brushes 4 out of 5 vegan jumping bunnies (just because of the buffing brush that, like I said, could've been slightly bigger).


  1. I truly enjoy reading this part of your blog, as the rest of the blog, but Im missing prices of the products you're trying on :D Best Sarah

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! :) I did write the price this time though. I got it for £10.25, which was half price. It usually cost around £20. I will make sure to more accurate with the prices in the future. xx


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