Over consuming fashion destroys our planet

Thursday, 11 August 2016

That we humans consume way too much is just a fact. When studying at London College of Fashion that was one of the main subject that our teachers talked about. High speed fashion and over consuming. People want the latest, they want a lot and they want it cheap. Most people don't care about the quality, it's fine as long as it's cheap.

Social media has a lot to do with this. Today, we can live stream fashion shows and after a couple of minutes it'll be available to see all over the world. This means that when the collection is suppose to be in stores 6 months later (since fashion shows always show what's to come for the next season), people will already be tired of it. It's not modern anymore, because everyone has already seen it on social media. People are bored of it, they want something new at this point. 

This behaviour will not work in the long run. The way society over consume is destroying our planet but it is also making the conditions for the people who make the clothes even worse than it already is. 

The fashion industry has to change but also how people think,which I think is the most tricky part to change. Buy less for better quality. Is it possible for more people to think that way?

I watched this short documentary from the swedish show Kobra the other day. They brought this subject up focusing on second hand clothing and how our over consuming affects the second hand industry as well. It was very interesting! It's available on SVT Play (sorry if you don't understand Swedish), check it out HERE!

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