One year in London – Part 1

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Yesterday I kind of realised that I'm actually moving from London on Sunday. I've been here for one year now and a lot has happened. Therefore, I thought I'd make a recap of each month. I've separated this post in to two parts, so here's my first 6 months in London. 

August 2015
I arrived to London with my dad on the 21st of August. We stayed on a hotel the first night and got there late in the evening. We decided to go up to the rooftop bar they had and ordered some red wine. I looked out over Trafalgar Square and the rest of the city with all its sparkling lights. I had worked so hard to come here for years, and now I was there. This was my home now. Finally.

I moved in to the tiniest room (which I shared with my roommate Therese) in a student accommodation in Chelsea. That’s also where I met the other girls from Sweden that I was going to study with at London College of Fashion.

September 2015
This month was filled with new impressions. School was hectic with a lot of studying and assignments. Fashion Week was running at the same time and our styling teacher wanted us to watch and analyse every single show. I remember how both Therese and I stayed up late every night analysing shows from page to page.

At the same time, out teachers encouraged us to look for unpaid jobs at Fashion Week to get connections. I got a job a personal assistant to the jewellery designer Sophie Wallgren. Let’s just say that I’ve never been more stressed my entire life. One night when I was lying in bed it felt like my brain was going to explode. There was a lot going on, but I’m glad I worked on fashion week even though I had loads to do for school. I got through it somehow.

Directly after Fashion Week, I got a internship at the PR-agency Platform. I started out helping them out ones a week for three weeks. After that they asked me if I wanted to stay, so I came in and worked on the days when I had no classes.

October 2015
In October we went to Paris with school. Our teachers showed us parts of Paris that I would never had discovered if I would’ve been there by myself. It was during this trip that my friend Cornelia and I got really close. She was the one I connected the most with. We’re so different in many ways but so similar in other aspects, and I think that’s why we clicked (and today she's one of my closets friends).

Sadly, it got very grouped in school and I didn’t feel as comfortable with everyone. This still makes me sad, because it would be fun to have better connections with more people I studied with.

When we got back to London we had a break from school. Some people went back home to their countries, but I decided to stay. Even though I at this time was feeling a bit homesick I didn’t want to go back to Sweden. A lot of the other girls that I studied with started to feel homesick at this point as well. I think some realised that London and the fashion industry isn’t as glamorous all the time as people might think. Some, like me, just started to appreciate things from back home that you hadn’t thought of when you actually lived there. My friend Jonathan took the plane a visited me for a couple of days though, and that was enough for the homesickness to disappear.

November 2015
The last month in school before the Christmas break. All big assignments had to be done and handed in. I studied and worked at the PR-agency most of the time, but when I could I squeezed in and did more fun things. One night I went out to a dragshow at the club Heaven. I think this is the best night out I’ve had in London! It was so much fun! This was also where I met Dave. We clicked straight away and have been friends ever since.

December 2015
On the 1st of December I moved in to Cornelia’s place in Hammersmith. We shared a four bedroom flat with Theresa from Germany and Vittorio from Italy. This truly felt like a home! Even though I was still sharing a room, there was more space. We had a spacious kitchen and a big living room. Cornelia, Theresa and Vittorio became my London family (gosh I miss them!) and we had dinner and movie nights together a lot.

Cornelia went home during December, but I stayed and worked full time at the PR-agency. During this time my boss Zoe offered me a paid internship after New Year’s, and of course I took it.

I went back to Sweden for two weeks to celebrate Christmas. It was so nice to see my family and all of my friends and I enjoyed every single day. I went back to London to celebrate New Year’s Eve and had a blast (which my friend Ben vlogged).

I will post part 2 of of this little "One Year In London"-recap in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

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