Is there a humane way to kill someone?

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Yesterday evening my flatmate Hanna and I were a bit bored after a quite slow day, so we decided to go to the cinema. Star Trek showed at a time that worked for us, so that was our pick. I’ve never watched Star Trek, the only “relationship” I have to it is through The Big Bang Theory. I really liked the film though! It was a good sci-fi with a bit of humour and action.

As you all know, there’s always tons of commercial showing before the film. The last couple of times I’ve been to the cinema they’ve been showing one from Lidl, and it has made me equally as frustrated every time!

The advert is trying to show how good the meat they sell is because the cows come from the UK and are treated well. What makes me frustrated is that they proclaim that there’s a good way to kill someone! There’s NO humane way to kill another creature!

First of all – even if meat is organic or free-range, the animals usually turn out to be killed in the same slaughterhouse as the meat that isn’t organic or free-range. 

Secondly – even if a farmer shoot the bullet in the cows head on the farm, does that make it more okey? It’s like if someone kidnaps a person. The kidnapper treats the victim well and gives the victim everything he or she needs all of the persons life, before the kidnapper murders the person. Does that make the murderer more okey, or does it make the kidnapper more false?

It’s 2016. We live in a society where it’s not necessary to use and kill animals just so that we can eat. It’s not human and it’s also destroying the planet. Everything can be made vegan, society just have to re-think a bit and people have to open their eyes to what’s right and wrong.


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