Cinnamon chia pudding

Monday, 8 August 2016

Except the fact that I came home like a soaked cat when walking home from the city, today has been a good day. I started out with a 5k run in the morning. We have a perfect route by my mom's flat by the water. It was beautiful! I didn't have to think about traffic or anything (!), which was so nice. It's time for the 10k run in Stockholm on Saturday. I'm so excited! I'm just going to workout as usual though since it's only 10k, which I run once a week already. I'm just going to make sure to eat and sleep enough.

By lunch time I met my friend Julia at Java for some salad. It was so fun to see her again! We talked and talked and talked for literally 3 and a half hours. We had a lot to catch up on. I'm so happy to have such a good friend in my life! No matter how long we've been from each other, it's still the same. 

Since it's Monday, of course I'm going to share a recipe with you guys! I'm sure you've heard of chia pudding before. I don't eat it often, but sometimes I enjoy having it for breakfast when I know I don't have time to prepare something in the morning. 

This cinnamon chia pudding is healthy, filling and – most important – tasty! You prepare it the night before and then it's ready to eat in the morning. 

Cinnamon chia pudding

1. Mix the chia seeds, the plant based milk and cinnamon together in a bowl. Put in the fridge over night. 

2. In the morning, just chop up the banana and nectarine to top with (berries or granola is some other options). Quick, easy, done!

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