Vegan vegetable pasta

Friday, 22 July 2016

The images does not capture how good this pasta dish actually taste! Trust me, it might not look like much, but this is so good! It's a tomato based vegetable pasta which had much more of the sauce goodness when you get in with your fork and spoon. 

I also love adding some nutritional yeast on top, which is vegan yeast flakes that's filled with vitamin B and added B12. It's almost like a substitute for parmesan, because it has that cheesy taste to it. Having it over the pasta while it's still hot makes it melt a bit as well, which I love! 

It's not hard to make at all because you just pop everything in one pot and let it boil together. It's that easy! You can also use any vegetables you want and that's in season. I just really like the combination of these all together. 

Vegan vegetable pasta

1. Start out with cooking your pasta according to the instructions.

2. To make the pasta sauce start by finely chopping up the red onion and garlic. Let them sauté in a tiny bit of water in a pot for a bit.

3. Chop up the eggplant and mushrooms and put in the pot as well. Let them get soft and add more water if necessary. 

7. Add in the crushed tomatoes and some more water. Also put in the soy sauce and tomato purée before putting a lid on. Let it boil on a medium heat.

8. Chop up the courgette and add in to the sauce. I like adding these later than the other veggies, since I like them a bit crispier. 

9. Season it with some salt and black pepper after taste. 

10. Put it all on a plate, have some nutritional yeast over the dish – Voilà! Vegetable pasta, done!

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