The Ordinary Vegan Tries Out – #5

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Right now I’m sitting on a bus on my way to Brighton. I bought tickets very spontaneously this Monday since I knew I was going to have the day off from work. While I’m enjoying the day there, I prepared another “The Ordinary Vegan Tries Out” for you guys.

I tried out something a bit different this week. It’s beauty related, but not something a lot of people put that much effort or thought in to when buying. I’m talking about toothpaste.

Before becoming a vegan I had no idea that so many products have parts of animals in them. Toothpaste is one example that very often uses glycerin, which is animal fat. Come on! Honestly? Do humans need to use animals for EVERYTHING? Why not just use the fat from vegetables instead? A lot of toothpaste brands test on animals as well, which I of course don’t want to support.

This toothpaste is from the brand Jasön. They’ve got several different flavours and I went for the one with orange, cinnamon and mint.

I don’t thing it taste that much though. I do feel the orange when brushing my teeth’s and it feels fresh, but I would like to have more of the mint to make it even more fresh. Maybe this is because I’m used to having quite strong and fresh flavours. 

I like this one, but I don't think I will buy it again. Therefore, I'll only give it 2 out of 3 vegan jumping bunnies.

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