Q&A – Do I calorie restrict myself?

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Don't you think it's unnecessary to put up that much food on the plate? Do you throw it away? Cus I guess you don't eat all of that when you're that skinny.


It’s not unnecessary, I had that whole plate and didn’t throw away a single thing.

This question made me want to talk a little bit more about calorie counting and restricting yourself when it comes to food. It makes me sad that people think this (the food I post on this blog) is “too much” food, but I guess that’s because that’s what we’ve always been taught in our society ­– “Don’t eat to much, or you’ll get fat. Stay away from carbs especially, they’re bad for you!”. This is soooo ridiculous! Eating a lot of food and a lot of carbs will NOT make you fat! Carbs are food that gives us energy to get through the day! I’m talking about potatoes, pasta, rice, grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits… As long as you eat plant-based carbs, you don’t have to restrict yourself at all!

What I did wrong in the beginning as a vegan was that I didn’t eat enough. I realised that plant based foods are less calorie dense then meat, dairy and eggs, so I had to eat the double amount (even a bit more since I workout quite a lot) to keep myself full for longer. I never calorie restrict myself, because that’s not a solution to anything! In the beginning it was the other way around, I counted calories vaguely just to make sure I got enough carbohydrates instead.

My main point about this is that yes, I eat all of the food on the plates I put up and usually a bit more. Please stop restrict yourselves guys, don’t be afraid of carbs and just enjoy good (vegan) food!

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