Perfect leftover plate

Monday, 25 July 2016

Leftover plate – Doesn't sound fancy or tasty at all, but today is a leftover kind of day and it was delicious! I always make sure to not over buy when I grocery shop. I hate throwing away things, so I like to plan what I buy so I know that I can make something of the veggies before they get bad. Today I had some bits and bobs left, but I usually, those bits and bobs can turn out to make the most delicious plates. 

I had some mushrooms, kale and hummus that needed to be eaten today. There was also some tomatoes and a courgette in the fridge which meant I had a salad sorted. In the pantry I could find some couscous and in the freezer I had a package of vegan vegetable balls from IKEA. All together – a perfect dinner!

I don't think you need a step by step guide for this one. Just cook the couscous, fry the mushrooms and vegetable balls in a pan, chop up the veggies and put it up on a plate. 

It's the perfect plate for a lazy night's in with some YouTube! That's my intention at least for this Monday evening. I'm quite tired since I haven't gotten much sleep when spending time with my brother and his girlfriend. Absolutely worth it though! Said bye to them earlier today and then I've just been doing boring stuff with bills and things like that that had to be sorted. Nice to be done with all of that now though so that I can relax and do absolutely nothing. 

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