Mango salsa

Friday, 1 July 2016

This friday meant no work for me. Started out the morning with working out. I did not feel like it at all at first. I usually never have to force myself, because I'm usually excited before a workout. This morning I didn't feel that excitement though, but I did it anyway and felt even better about myself afterwards! I did HIIT routines for 25 minutes and then abs and arms for 30 minutes. 

Later, I went to a hair salon in Shoreditch to cut of all dead ends. Gosh, I really needed it! My hair has been a mess for so long now. I'm Super happy with the result though, and I'm really gonna make a effort to make it healthier now! I then went to Whitechapel Gallery. That's another gallery I've been wanting to go to for a while (I ticked of Tate Modern a couple of weeks ago), so visiting it a rainy day like this one was perfect. 

Tonight I'm going to have a quiet night in since I'm working tomorrow, but also because I want to and feel like it. Just made this super easy and quick mango salsa that I'm going to eat while watching some YouTube. 

I'm going to eat this with some white rice today, but you could also put it in a tortilla bread with some guacamole. You could also make this with coriander instead of spinach to get that "real" mexican flavours, but I had spinach at home and used that instead (also rich in iron). 

Mango salsa

1. Start out with chopping the mango in to cubes.

2. Chop the tomato, red onion and spinach finely.

3. Mix everything in to a bowl and squeeze the juice of half a lime and mix around again. 

4. Season it with some salt and pepper and mix it all together. 

5. Serve with rice, tortilla bread, guacamole – whatever you feel like. Eat and enjoy!

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