Leaving London unemployed and without plans

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I’m officially unemployed now. When I got the internship at The Sunday Times Style I knew it was something that would only last for two weeks. Still though, I decided to quit my full time job where I earned money to do this knowing I would stand without a job after it. “Why?” some might wonder. Simply because I’ve been trying to get a internship at a fashion magazine for so long and I know that this is the best way to get in to magazines in the fashion industry. This experience has given me contacts for the future, but it might as well lead to something else.

I also felt so stuck after I graduated from London College of Fashion. What was I suppose to do now? I got a retail job, which didn’t give me inspiration or happiness. Another reason for why having the knowledge that I would walk out from the internship unemployed made it worth it.

Let’s be realistic though. You can’t live in London without a job. That’s just basic fact.  So what’s my plan?

My plan for now is to move back to Sweden. I’ve been in London for a whole year now and it’s been amazing, but it’s time to take a break from all of this. London is great in so many ways, but right now I feel like I have to get away from here for a bit to be able to reflect over this year. To be able to figure out what I really want to do next.

The thing is that I want to do so many different things – I want to travel everywhere, I want to study journalism, I want to apply for internships on fashion magazine’s, I want to be able to put more focus on the blog… There’s so much I can see myself do! I just don’t know exactly where to start.

I’ve changed a lot as a person during this year, or rather grown as a person maybe. My perspective on certain things has changed. My plan is therefore to go home for a while, get back to the old and hopefully that’ll make it clearer to me what I want the next step to be.

I might end up just going home for a couple of weeks, or it might be for a year. I have no plan right now. Some people might think I’m crazy and I know a lot of people don’t understand why I’m leaving London. This feels right for me though, and that’s what’s important.

Not knowing what’s for the future is not something I’m used to. I’ve always been a very planed person who knows where she’s going and I think this is good for me. Not knowing. I’ve got a lot of dreams, so we’ll see which one I’m going to grab onto.

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