"I ran my fastest 10k run" + Visiting food heaven at Brick Lane

Sunday, 3 July 2016

This sunday, London decided to bring out some sun and 20 degrees. Yay! Maybe that's what gave me energy this morning when I ran my fastest 10k run ever and made a personal record! I can't believe that I for about 6 months ago didn't run at all and thought 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) was tough, and now I'm running 10 without a problem!

I wanted to celebrate in some way, so I met up with Ellen.

We decided to go to the weekly sunday market at Brick Lane to buy some lunch and treats.

This market is amazing! There's loads of different types of food from all over the world. Nothing is expensive but you still get loads! What I like the most though is that you get good home made food by people who's passionate about what they do, and I love supporting that. 

There's loads of vegan options of course. This stand was completly vegan serving different mixed plates. I definitely have to try this one out the next time. 

Another one I'm saving till next time is this raw vegan dessert stand. How good doesn't this look?

I bought today's dessert from another stand that also was a 100% vegan. I've actually met Alli (who bakes everything) before but didn't know she was at the market today, so that was a fun surprise.

There's always so much people sitting outside the market on the street eating. We decided to go to a park close by though and enjoy the food there instead. 

Both me and Ellen were craving falafel so we went for the same thing – a salad box filled with mixed vegetables, greens, beans, couscous, falafel, tahini, hummus and some bread.

From Alli's treats we picked up two cupcakes. Ellen went for the cinnamon bun-flavoured one and I took the chocolate and cookie dough one. They were delish! 

That's what I call celebrating beating a personal record. Hope you guys had a great Sunday!


  1. Grattis till det personliga rekordet!! Har också börjat springa nyligen, går sådär haha men man blir väl bättre med tiden :) kramis


    1. Tack Ellen! :D Det kommer bli lättare, tro mig! Jag gillade det inte alls i början, men nu kan jag faktiskt säga att jag ser fram emot att få springa. När man kommer till den punkten är det underbart! Kram!


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