Fabrics and falafel

Friday, 29 July 2016

Since I'm moving from London next week, I've been having quite a lot of visitors lately that want me to show "my" London before the move. Last week it was my brother, this week it's my mother and her boyfriend's turn (or "manfriend" as she calls it after watching the Sex and the City film).

It's weird how I haven't seen any of them for over 7 months, but after spending time with them for like 1 hour it feels like I saw them yesterday. Like nothing's changed. That's how it should be though. 

After breakfast I walked to meet them at their hotel. We decided to take the tube to London Bridge to go and see the exhibition about Missoni ("Missoni Art Colour") at the Fashion and Textile Museum

The exhibition was small but incredibly well displayed!
I took close up pictures of as much as I could since I really wanted to touch and feel the garments, but that wasn't aloud of course. The incredible work behind these knitted pieces really shows. Some of the garments were so very thin and delicate, I don't even know if I would dare to wear them. 

Afterwards mom and I made Magnus take loads of pictures of us.

Most of them turned out like this though. 

For lunch we went to Borough Market (because I just can't get enough of food markets)...

... where I bought a falafel salad drenched in hummus. Trust me thogh, the salad is there underneath somewhere. 

My mom has a huge love for knitting and sewing, so she really wanted to go to Goldhawk Road in West London. They've got a street with at least a dozen of shops selling loads of fabrics

Let's say she was a bit in heaven! She bought some fabrics before we headed back to their hotel. Snacking on some strawberries right now, but we're soon off to Covent Garden for some pizza on one of my favourite Italian restaurants. 

Hope you all have a great Friday evening!

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