Embracing small boobs with a slip dress

Sunday, 17 July 2016

I’ve never had big boobs. They just didn’t seem to want to grow that much, so I’ve been “stuck” with a size A. I can get so annoyed when people talk about how small boobs they have and they’ve got a size C – it’s like, don’t talk about you having small boobs with me.  It annoyed me because I didn’t like my own size, of course.

For the last couple of months though I’ve been trying to embrace my small boobs and actually be happy with them! This is how I was created, so why should I care about society’s norm of beauty?

One way to embrace my small boobs is through this golden lace dress with thin spaghetti straps. I found it yesterday in Beyond Retro, and I instantly liked it! When trying it on in the fitting room I realized that if I want to wear this dress without a tee underneath, the bra has to go. My first thought was “Well no to this one then!”. Then I thought “But Olivia, you like this dress, so who cares about your boobs”. So I bought it!

I scrolled on Pinterest for some inspiration and came across pictures of Kate Moss in the 90s. She rocked the slip dresses and spaghetti straps and that gave me a boost to stop care so much.

Even though I styled the dress with a tee underneath in these pictures (because it's also a look I love at the moment), I feel happy that I bought this dress and hopefully you’ll see pictures of me in the future wearing this dress, or something similar, bra-less. If Kate Moss can, so can I.


  1. åå vilken underbar klänning, och ja embrace it, det är fint!!! måste även säga att du passar superbra i den där frisyren!

  2. Tack, tack och tack! Blir så glad av din fina kommentar Gry!


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