Birthday celebration on the roof

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Last week I went to my friend Dave’s place for a little birthday celebration. One of the best things with these guys sharing this flat is that everyone is always welcome! So my brother, his girlfriend and me popped in to Tesco and bought some snacks with us before we took the bus to the gathering.

Their flat is amazing with the huge window with a view over London!

Zen and Cru was there…

… and so was Dave, sorting out my brother and his girlfriend with some wine.

Ming-Lee looked fab for the camera!

After an introduction to Pokémon Go and some singing and dancing in the living room, we decided to take the cake with us up to the roof. The cake was, luckily for me, vegan since Zen eats mostly vegan as well. It was a chocolate mint one – SO GOOD!

We sat their all evening and played weird games, hilarious games and inappropriate games. When it got a bit chilly we went back inside again and had a great time! I had to go a bit earlier though since I was working on a shoot early the day after, but I really enjoyed the time I was there.

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