Another day in the fashion cupboard

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

As you might know, I love mornings! Today I started this morning with some yoga before I had some breakfast while reading the latest issue of Styleby, my flatmate Hannah bought it to me when she was back in Sweden. 

I'm soon about to take the tube to my second day at the internship. It felt a bit surreal walking through the doors to The News Building by London Bridge yesterday. It was inspiring to see the office with all journalists working with a view over all of London. I'm assisting in the fashion cupboard. I guess I will do a bit of everything, but yesterday we organised clothes from a shoot they'd just done and made sure that each piece was packed and biked to the right place. I also went to Oxford Circus with loads of returns that had been used for page on Sale items in the magazine. 

First day done! Second day is about to begin, let's do this!

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