A day in Brighton

Thursday, 7 July 2016

This Monday I spontaneously booked bus tickets to Brighton, so yesterday morning I was off to the seaside of England.  

The bus stopped by Brighton Pier so I started the day with a walk on the beach. It was so nice breathing in the fresh air from the ocean! You don't realise how much gas you breathe in everyday when you're in London. 

I went to Brighton a couple of years ago with some friends, and one part I really wanted to go back to was the North Lanes

It's an area with small lanes, independent shops and cafés and inspiring people to look at. I love just walking around looking at people (yes I'm a stalker in that way) and see what they're wearing and all different unique styles. 

I strolled around for a bit and then I went to Wai Kika Moo Kau to have some lunch. It's a restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan dishes. I'm going to write more about it in another post. I enjoyed the food in the sun (even burnt my shoulder and got a ugly tan because of my cut-out shoulder top) and talked to a friendly women who sat next to me. 

After the lunch I decided to look up where Beyond Retro were. I remember how much I liked it the last time I was there, so I had to go back! Pretty quick I found this huge sign. 

Around the next corner, I found the heaven of second hand and vintage. 

Even though there's several Beyond Retro in London, I like this one more for some reason. I tried out some garments, but didn't find anything I wanted to buy this time unfortunately. 

I went in to a couple of more vintage shops and walked around and looked at all colourful houses. 

Another thing you have to see while in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion, which is a former royal residence. It's in a park in the middle of the city. 

It was me and a bunch of study abroad students there. 

I left the students and tourists and went to the park behind the palace. 

I had this amazing vegan Chelsea Bun that I had bought with me from a little organic grocery shop. 

At 6pm it was time to go on the bus and head back to London again. This little trip was just what I needed. I find it nice to do things like this by myself sometimes. It gives you a break from everything and time to reflect. People often seem scared of doing things like this on their own, but it's something I definitely recommend everyone to do ones in a while. 

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