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Saturday, 11 June 2016

During the month of June Pret a Manger (a chain that’s around every corner in London selling coffee and lunch) have a pop-up shop selling only vegetarian and vegan food. Lucky for me, this store is in Soho on Broadwick Street just where I work. Of course I had to go and try it out!

The reason for this pop-up store is for Pret a Manger to try out new veggie recipes to see what they will bring to all of their shops. I think this is a big step for a huge chain like Pret. They’ve obviously noticed that more people are asking for vegan options, and they’re taking it seriously.

The vegan options where broad! They offered salads, “health”-pots, soups, toasts…

… loads of different sandwiches, wraps and flatbreads…

… and then they had my favourite section with smoothies and fruits.

I had a Mexican flatbread with the chocolate and almond smoothie. Weird combo maybe, but I just really wanted to try two completely different things. Both were delicious! Especially the smoothie! SO GOOD! I’ve even started to make it at home because I liked it so much.

If you’re around in London during June, you should definitely pop in and give them your opinion on their different recipes (there’s cards on the tables so you can write a short review) so that they can bring them to all their shops! 

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