The Ordinary Vegan Tries Out – #3

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

For the third The Ordinary Vegan Tries Out, I've decided to try something food related. Something I've always loved and been addicted to. I'm talking about chocolate. 

I loved the swedish milk chocolate Marabou, but since I went vegan I can't have it since it contains milk unfortunately. I have found other chocolates made on coconut- and soy milk (to name a few), which are SO good! I never thought I would find a replacement as good as Marabou, but there are so many options (though I'm still waiting for the day when Marabou goes vegan).

This time I wanted darker chocolate though and my friend Lydia have told me that I need to try the chocolate from Seed & Bean

Seed & Bean make loads of different combinations, but I like simplicity, so I went for the one with 70% cocoa and sea salt. I love the combination of chocolate and salt! 

This chocolate bar was really good! Perfectly enough dark but still a bit creamy. The only thing I would like to ad is a tiny bit more salt. 

I'm definitely going to buy this one again though, and I need to try some of the other combinations (like the one with raspberries, YUM!). I'll give this chocolate 4 out of 5 vegan jumping bunnies. 

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