Sunday hours

Sunday, 5 June 2016

7.00 Woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. 

7.30 Had a glas of lemon water and made myself some porridge and green tea. 

7.40 Took my breakfast with me to bed and watched some vlogs on Youtube. 

8.55 Went out for a run and finished out doing some leg exercises in the park. 

10.20 Called my dad after a shower and talked with him for about an hour. 

12.00 Made a taco salad (black beans, corn, red bell pepper, quinoa and guacamole) that I packed up and brought with me to the park. 

12.30 Me and Sofia (one of my flatmates) had a picnick in the park now when the sun and heat is finally here!

16.00 Went back home, drank loads of water and started to put some make up on and sorted my messy hair out. 

16.45 Was suppose to watch one YouTube video. Ended up watching about 10. 

17.30 Changed outfit and decided I wanted to post this before I'm heading to Soho to meet Dhwani for dinner at Bill's. 

17.37 Turning this computer of and leaving now. 

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