Q&A – Do I wear leather? Is being vegetarian enough? How much do I workout?

Monday, 13 June 2016

I've gotten a lot of questions lately from friends and people who've found me on Instagram relating to veganism. It makes me so happy and excited that so many seems to be interested and curious! Therefore I decided to answer them all here, since I usually get the same questions. Let's do this! 

Is it expensive to be a vegan?
Not at all! The most expensive things in the grocery shop are the meat and after that comes the cheese, dairy and eggs. Things like potatoes, rice, lentils, beans and seasonal fruit are the cheapest.

Like with any other diet, it depends on what you decide to buy. If you want to go for thing like vegan cheese, processed/pre-made foods or fruits that’s not in season – then yes, your grocery shopping will get more expensive. If you go with a plant based diet though and buy things that’s in season it will not be expensive at all! I save so much money on eating this way and I also make big batches that I can keep in the fridge.

How come you wear leather shoes and still call yourself a vegan?
If you’re thinking of the shoes in the post you commented on – They’re actually not leather, they’re fake. Why wear an animal when you can wear shoes that look the same anyway?

What do you think about wearing fur and leather?
I would never buy something that’s made out of animal skin or hair. I do own one pair of leather shoes and some bags that I got or bought before I became a vegan. Throwing things away feels like a waste, even though I do have a hard time wearing them sometimes. I would of course never buy something made out of another creature today!

I eat a lot of vegetarian food, but I think that going vegan is a bit too much. Is being a vegetarian enough?
In my opinion – No. For me, being a vegetarian wasn’t enough. The reason is because it causes the animal as much harm and torture as if you would be eating meat. If you want to care about the animals and live ethically, then no, being a vegetarian isn’t enough.

Warning: Sensitive viewers should know that there is cruel images in the video down below. This is the truth and reality of the industry though.

How much do you workout?
I work out 5-6 days a week. I used to go to the gym, but now I don’t have a gym card anymore. I go out running and do HIIT routines a lot and mix that with pilates and yoga.

How come you can eat a lot more as a vegan and be skinny?
The reason for this is when eating plant based your body digest it much, much quicker then it digest meats, dairy and processed foods. I never count calories because if you eat good natural food, you want to fill up with carbohydrates. I’m definitely not afraid of carbs. Carbs are so good for you – potatoes, rice, pasta ­– it gives you energy. It feels like I’ve been fooled my whole life because I know now that that’s not where the problem is in peoples different diets. I listen to my body and eat when it needs it and wants it. If that means, eating three bowls of rice or 4 bananas, I will. 

I do want to point out though, that I don't eat plant based because I want to be skinny. I eat this way because it makes my body and mind feel so, so good! Even if you eat on a plant based diet doesn't mean you're going to be skinny, because every body type is different. No matter if you want to build muscles, loose weight or gain weight, I still recommend eating as much plant based as you can just because, like I said, it makes you feel so incredible good and has so many health benefits.

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