Piano Bar Soho

Sunday, 19 June 2016

I could finally workout as normal this morning! I've been feeling a bit sick during the week and go out for run hasn't been an option. I've just been doing some yoga and a bit of strength exercises. Today though, I could go out and run and then to abs and upper body, and it felt SO good! It really is annoying when you can't workout fully even though you want to. 

I hope you all had a good weekend! Yesterday after work I met up with Josefine for some lunch before we headed to The Piano Bar in Soho. They had a jazz event on the street.

I love jazz, so enjoyed every performance from different groups and musicians. 

Josefine's boyfriend George works in music and was one of the people arranging everything. 

I decided to be an old lady and not go to the after party since I've been sick (a decision I'm glad about today!). I said bye, popped in to Whole Foods to get some chocolate, took the tube home and spent the evening chatting with my flatmate Hanna and watched a movie in bed. A pretty good Saturday if you ask me. 

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