Itadaki Zen: Vegan Japanese Restaurant

Sunday, 26 June 2016

If you follow me on Instagram (@thatsolivia) you might have seen that I had a Japanese dinner at Itadaki Zen earlier this week. It's a small restaurant located by King's Cross with a full vegan menu. When I told my friend Lydia that I had read about this place, we decided to try it out. 

It's a bit like going to heaven when there's a place with a menu that's a 100% vegan, because you don't have to think at all. I met up with Lydia outside the restaurant. She's also a vegan, and let's just say we were both excited! 

They had loads of different sets on the menu where you could get several smaller dishes. We both went for the same set which included 5 sushi rolls, 2 spring rolls, a bean sprout salad and a udon noodle soup with tofu. 

When we were looking at the menu we didn't think this set would be enough (we're both big eaters, like most vegans, am I right haha?), but it was definitely enough! The soup was very filling because of the noodles. 

I really liked the soup and the spring rolls were amazing! The sushi was good, but not the best one I've had. I wouldn't go there for the sushi itself, what makes the place is that you get a lot of different things. 

I definitely recommend Itadukizen though because of the menu that's completely vegan (even the drinks menu), all the different sets that makes it possible to try different things and because of the cute and friendly staff.

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