Healthy Chocolate and Almond Smoothie

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Yesterday I had the day off from work so I took a walk to Tate Modern, because I've been wanting to go there for so long now. I didn't feel that alert though so I walked around the different exhibitions for a while and then I decided to go home and spend the evening in bed editing photos, watching videos on YouTube and reading a book. 

I also treated myself with this chocolate and almond smoothie! If you've read my post about Veggie Pret, you know that I wrote that I tried to re-create the shake I bought there at home, and here's the result. 

The result turned out delicious! It might feel like something unhealthy because of the chocolate taste, but really, it's only good natural ingredients that fills you up

I don't even think anyone needs step-by-step help for doing this since it's so simple, but here it is anyway.

Healthy Chocolate and Almond Smoothie 

1. Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth (don't forget to remove the seeds from the dates). 

2. Pour up in a glas. 

3. Drink and enjoy!

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