Banana chocolate smoothie bowl

Monday, 27 June 2016

Believe it or not, but for the latest couple of mornings I've swopped the porridge to this smoothie bowl. It's basically the same recipe as for the Chocolate and Almond smoothie. I just felt like that didn't fill me up enough though, so I poured it in to a bowl instead and added some more fruit, oats and chia seeds. 

You have to try this out, it's SO good! The best thing is that you can top it with any fruit and topping you want. I ended up having more oats in, which almost made it in to a chocolate porridge. Perfect breakfast for summer time!

Banana chocolate smoothie bowl 

1. Take out the seeds from the dates and put in a mixer and blend with the almond butter. 

2. Put in the banana, cocoa and plant based milk (like almond milk, coconut milk or oats milk) and blend all together till smooth. 

3. Pour the smoothie in to a bowl. 

4. Chop up some strawberries to top the smoothie bowl with together with some oats and chia seeds. 

5. Instagram it and enjoy!

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