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Thursday, 23 June 2016

I moved to London in August last year. After about two months I started to miss home quite a lot. I missed small things that I didn't even think of when living at home. This feeling is apparently very common after two to three months when moving to another country and then it usually goes away – at leats it did for me. My flatmate Sofia has started to feel this a bit now so I decided to take her to one of my favourite places in London, which is Kenwood House.

If you take the Northern Line to Golders Green in Zone 3 and them bus 210 you'll come to this place It's a old former stately home close to Hampstead. If you like english costume drama's like Pride and Prejudice you'll like this place, because it's the actual house of where Belle (see the trailer here) lived.  

I went here at that time when I was feeling home sick and I remember how calm it made me. To get out from the hectic streets of the inner city is quite important. Even though that's one thing I love the most about London (the rush and constant up-beat tempo of the city), it's nice to get distance from it to just clear your mind a bit.

We were also lucky with the weather. Even though it was grey it was actually quite warm in the air. 

Warm enough for me to be able to wear my new culottes from Monki, which I'm in love with! The shape, the cut, the gingham and the bow – The perfect summer trousers that works for dressing down and dressing up! Like I said, I'm in love. 

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