A list of five

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Been busy working all day today, but I still wanted to pop in here quickly and say hi with a short "5 things"-list. I don't know about you, but I always enjoy reading these types of lists – so let's do this. 

5 things you always have in your bag
My keys, Oyster Card, water bottle, tampons and lip balm.

5 things you always have in your kitchen
Bananas, lemons, oats, cinnamon and hummus.

5 (favourite) things in your wardrobe 
A black crop top with turtleneck, my thin long coat in dusty pink, a Balmain clutch I found in a vintage store, the white and blue striped long sleeved high neck top and my two silver rings that my mom bought for herself when she was young (I always wear them together, so that counts as one).

5 things you enjoy doing
Working out, reading fashion magazines, making or giving friends/family things, cooking and writing.

5 things you want to do
Travel around the world (Australia, Japan, South Korea, Bali, India – there’s so many places!), keep up being motivated career wise (exciting things is about to happen for me soon), hug my family and friends back in Sweden, book a time at a hair salon and put up more and better content on this blog.

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