5 Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil

Friday, 3 June 2016

One of my best beauty hacks is coconut oil. Yep. Coconut oil. It's not only for cooking, it's definitely a great natural beauty product. No weird ingredients, which is key for me. I want to know what I put in or on my body. If I don't know what something is on the ingredients list or don't understand what it is when looking it up, I tend to not buy it. 

Coconut oil is can be a bit expensive, but when thinking about how many things you can use it for it's not expensive compared to if you would buy several different beauty products. 

5 Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil

1. Use it as a hair mask. I try to put Once coconut oil in the ends of my hair and let it sit for a couple of hours at least once a week. You can also let it sit while you sleep during the night, but I hate sleeping with wet hair so I usually don't. 

2. Make a body scrub. I've only tried this two times with two different recipes, and I must say I loved the result! My skin was so soft afterwards. I will put up recipes in the future but in the meantime, have a look a my Pinterest board with DIY beauty products for inspiration. 

3. It can be used as a shaving cream. You don't have to spend money on shaving cream, coconut oil works just as well. Like I've mentioned before, life in London is expensive, so this is definitely a money saver. 

4. It's perfect as a body moisturiser. When I've got dry skin or cracks in my hands I use coconut oil. I rub it in on my hands and body before I go to sleep and my skin does always feel so soft in the morning. 

5. Use it as a sunburn remedy. Coconut oil was my saviour a couple of weeks ago when I burnt the bag of my legs in the sun really bad. I was so burnt, it looked terrible and it hurt real bad. I rubbed in some coconut oil and it was really soothing for the skin so that it didn't hurt when I walked. 


  1. Du håller min engelska levande! Blir nyfiken på att testa dessa tips :D

    1. Härligt att höra! Ja det borde du göra!


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