Why am I a vegan?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

It started out with a documentary called “Our Daily Bread”. What I saw was not human. Unfortunately though, I had to realize that this is the reality we’re living in. Living beings being brutally tortured and murdered, for what? So that humans can have a piece of meat to fill themselves up with. I’ve never been an animal lover to be honest, but this was about justice to me. About being a human and to treat others as you would like someone to treat you.

I decided to become a vegetarian. My mom has been a vegetarian for my whole life so it wasn’t a strange or new thing. I was a vegetarian for about one and a half years until I realized what a double standard it was from my side to think that I actually helped the animals by eating the way I did. I started to watch videos on YouTube and realized that by having dairy products and eggs in my diet, I was still supporting the animal agriculture that I hated! Cows are being raped to stay pregnant so that they can produce milk, and when they give birth, the mom and baby are being separated. Hens are being genetic manipulated so that they can produce more eggs in small cages with hundreds and hundreds of other hens. They are not being killed, but tortured instead. 

What has made us humans believe that it is our right to control other creatures the way we do? How come it’s accepted to kill some animals, like cows, chickens, pigs and fishes, while dogs, cats and horses are being used as pets. Who decided the value of different creatures?

Looking more into veganism opened my eyes and it has changed my way of looking at the world and our society. Veganism isn’t just about the animals. It’s about the earth and the environment as well. Today’s animal agriculture is the biggest environmental damaging cause and reason for why so much water are being wasted. Veganism is also about human health. Being a vegan is the healthiest diet for human beings. The human body is not made to digest other dead creatures or to eat as much cholesterol that’s in eggs and dairy. There’s a reason for why obesity and heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death.

I could write on about this for pages and pages, and that’s why I have this blog. So I can talk about it all in shorter posts. For me being a vegan is about justice and about being human. Veganism has also made me look at things differently and it has made me happier, more positive, more spiritual and connected with the earth and myself (which might sound cliché, I know, but it's true). I have never felt as healthy and good as I do now and that’s why I want to share this and do my part to spread the vegan message.

Here are some links to documentaries, videos and contents about veganism that opened my eyes:

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