Up-cycled Ralph Lauren shirtdress

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

When I studied at London College of Fashion the teachers made me think about every detail in the fashion industry, which made me re-think. I definitely look very differently at fashion now compared to when I started. I analyse and look at the all parts of the industry with other eyes in many ways. 

One thing that changed me was my shopping behaviour and looking at how the majority of our society shop and consume. I've never been a shopaholic or anything like that, but when I did shop I didn't exactly think about where the clothes I bought came from. 

When looking at different documentaries (The True Cost is a good example) about how badly the people who work in the factories are being treated... It's heart breaking. Therefore, I try to think more carefully about where and what I purchase. 

Vintage and second hand shopping is a good and in my opinion a fun option. You never know what you'll find. Sometimes you might find loads and sometimes not a single piece. It also makes your wardrobe more unique, because you probably won't have something that everyone else has. 

When strolling around on Brick Lane a couple of days ago I found this Ralph Lauren shirt that had been re-made in to a dress. I love it! At the moment I'm wearing it with jeans just because the weather is shifting from super hot to super cold right now. Hopefully I can wear it with bare legs soon! 

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