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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Carrying: A black tote back I got when graduating from London College of Fashion. It fits everything and a bit more. 

Reading: Just started to read "The Women Who Stole My Life" by Marian Keyes.

Drinking: Three different kinds of water. Normal tap water, water with lemon and hot water with a bag in it (also known as tea). 

Shopping: Not much at the moment. Life in London is expensive. 

Training: Going out running, doing pilates and doing more yoga these days. 

Missing: I miss when me and my mom look at bad TV-shows on TLC in the couch. I miss me and my dads conversations when going out for lunch. I miss my family and friends back in Sweden, and at the same time I know I would miss everything I've got here in London if I went back. 

Wanting: The latest issue of British Vogue, some vegan chocolate and a haircut. 

Watching: Vlogs on YouTube and Game of Thrones.

Wearing: Enjoying my sleeveless outfits and thin jackets and kimonos one day and going back to thicker materials and coats the other day. The weather doesn't seem to make up it's mind if it's summer or not. 

Thinking: How grateful I am over the response I've got on the blog. I'm sure it's mostly friends and family reading it, but it's still fun with all messages I've received from people. Thanks! And to answer the most common question; yes there will be more recipes coming up shortly! 


  1. Hi Olivia this is Erica from LCF! I was having so much fun reading your blog ..especially those yummy recipes!! Hope you are having a wonderful bank holiday weekend xx Erica from www.ericayun.com

    1. Hi Erica! Thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear! Hope you have a great weekend xx


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