Morning routine with yoga and a porridge addiction

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I’ve always been a morning person and still am. I love waking up early and not stress out the first thing I do. I want to have time to workout, have my breakfast while reading blogs or watching YouTube videos and stand in front of my closet (okey, I’ve got a rail and not a closet in my room) and switch outfit five times (because no I can never make up my mind).

Started this morning with a quick yoga routine and then some pilates focusing on the lower body today. Just had a bowl of porridge in bed catching up of some news on Business of Fashion and looking at some “What I eat in a day”-videos on Youtube. Going to get myself ready for work soon. This is what I call a good start to the day!

I think we should take a little closer look at my breakfast just because I love porridge so much (I think a bowl like this could be my choice if I could only pick one dish to eat for the rest of my life)! This is what I eat almost every morning, and sometimes for dinner too just because it's so good! I know, I’m a bit addicted to porridge bowls.

Oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, a little salt and water heated up and mixed together on the hob. Sliced banana and more cinnamon on top and then I pour some coconut milk over it all.

Best. Thing. Ever.

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  1. Hur mycket tränar du?
    Kram Johanna


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