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Sunday, 22 May 2016

It’s dangerous working by Oxford Circus, because that means you have walking distance to Lush three-floor store. I popped in there the two weeks ago and got myself some goodies.

I walked in to get two things, but ended up walking out of the store with four products. Don’t be fooled though, I did go with my plan to only buy what I had planned to, but the staff there kindly gave me two products for free to test out. How sweet?!

Yuzu and Cocoa is a favorite of mine that I use almost every day. It’s a shower cream that smells like oranges and chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell like chocolate?

I’ve wanted to try out Lush hair products for a while. I’ve read about Daddy O purple shampoo and heard good things about it. I wasn’t too sure about the smell though, so I decided to try their Seanik Shampoo Bar. Yes, it’s like a soap bar but for you hair. I really like this one! It’s filled with a bit of sea salt, which lifts up your hair and gives it a bit of volume (which I’m in desperate need of!).

Like I said, the staff at Lush is so sweet so they gave me a sample of Daddy O to try out at home anyway. I actually do like the smell when it’s in your hair so I might buy a bottle of it next time.

I also got a sample of their Holy Cacao Soap. It comes out almost black in the picture but it does have the colour of a chocolate brownie, which apparently is what it will make you smell like as well. I haven’t had time to try it out yet but once again – who doesn’t want to smell like chocolate?


  1. 1. Såå taggad på att du börjat blogga igen
    2. Vill också ha!!! Ska avhoppa loss på lush när jag kommer dit haha

  2. 1. Tack tack tack tack!!
    2. Ja det måste du göra! Det är som att komma in i himmelriket för en liten stund.


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