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Sunday, 29 May 2016

One of the most common questions I get when talking about being a vegan is “Where do you get your protein?”. I didn’t know the answer to this question before either, because I just assumed that the best source for protein was from meat. That’s what the majority of our society is telling us, but it is not true.

There’s protein in so many plant based things! The fact the we need meat to get protein is such a huge lie. And no, you don't only have to eat beans to get protein. You can eat loads of different greens and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains and more. 

Another thing I also noticed is that my body digest everything I eat much faster. The body doesn’t have do digest heavy meat, which let’s face it is a dead animal that the body have to break down. I never feel that heavy, almost sick feeling after eating. My body digest it straight away because it’s natural food sources (that is if you eat plant based food, not processed food).

This also means that I need and can eat a lot more. I mean A LOT more! I eat so much more now when eating vegan and a plant based diet and I have still lost weight since going vegan. Sure, I do workout a lot and that’s a factor for my weight loss but I know that the main part is because I eat clean plant based foods. I don’t have a goal to loose any more weight so therefore I make sure to add in some healthy fats (avocado and chia seeds are always in my kitchen) but also more proteins. I’m not focusing on it too much every meal though, I’m just making sure to spread out different types of greens, beans and whole grains during the week. As long a I eat a variety of protein sources, I know that I get all amino acids from them that I need.

To sum it all up – don't be afraid that you won't get enough protein as a vegan. There's loads of different completely natural plant based options that will make you feel great!

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