Franco Manca: How to order a vegan pizza

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"I couldn't go vegan, I just love cheese!". That's one of the most common comments I get when talking about being vegan to people. Everyone seems to think that cheese would be one of the hardest things to "give up" eating a vegan diet. I thought it would be too. How would I survive without halloumi? Well obviously I did survive, and no I don't crave cheese anymore. "But pizza without cheese is not pizza" is the next comment that I usually get to hear. Let me just tell you, that pizza is still pizza and delicious!

I went to Broadway Market and Franco Manca the other day with my friend Linn last week. They make their pizza on sourdough bread and it's definitely a new favourite of mine in London. We were lucky and got a table straight away, but you might have to wait for a while depending on what time you get there.

Was it good without cheese? Yes! Tomatoe base, courgettes, artichokes and dried basil. I ate the whole thing!

How to order a vegan pizza

1. Make sure there's no dairy or eggs in the dough, it usually never is.

2. Have a look on the menu and order any pizza with plant based toppings.

3. Order the pizza and ask them to get it without cheese. 

4. Get your pizza. 

5. Eat your pizza. 

Easy peasy!

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